When all you need is a simple Tympanogram!

From pediatric to adult patients the nanoTymp is an invaluable tool for the verification and diagnosis of middle ear pathologies. The test procedure is easy & fast, simply fit the probe, start the test and within seconds the test results will appear on the screen. With the supplied nanoTymp software, test results & patient data can be effortlessly printed or immediately transferred via PDF to an electronic medical record.

Simple USB connection: It‘s easy to connect nanoTymp via USB to your PC and operate it in the nanoTymp software. Unlike other Screening Tympanometers you can preview the left & right ear in real time and full colour printouts can be created in seconds.

Standard Features:

  • Extra long probe cable
  • 226Hz probe tone
  • IPSI reflex frequencies 500 Hz,1kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz, BBN
  • Customized protocols
  • NOAH module
  • PC depended data storage

Optional features:

  • 1000Hz probe tone

What’s included?

  • Lanyard for hands free testing
  • User manual
  • Probe clip
  • Calibration cavities
  • nanoTymp PC software on USB stick
  • Ear tip kit with probe tips
DescriptionOrder number
1000 Hz tone100689
Android Tablet with preinstalled nanotymp software and USB adaptercontact us for details