The SENTIERO Diagnostic provides diagnostic and screening TEOAE/DPOAE functionality and incorporates rapid binaural multi-frequency OAE, including the PATH MEDICAL patented module FMDPOAE® with frequency modulated stimulus and Binaural DPOAE-testing. SENTIERO diagnostic features ultra-high resolution DPOAEs (up to 30 points per octave) providing fine detail inter-octave information up to 10kHz.

SENTIERO Diagnostic with its colour touch screen is NOAH compatible with long battery life and can store up to 1000 tests. Firmware is available in English, Spanish, French and many other languages. With MIRA (Patient editing Firmware) you are able to transfer data to your computer via USB and further export functions to other EMR Firmware (optional). Printing the tests results can be performed via label printer, pdf, or using MIRA Firmware. Entertaining child-friendly modes are provided for all OAE modules.

There are 3 set choices for the SENTIERO Diagnostic all with additional upgrade options:

  • 100250-US2: Diagnostic & Screening DPOAE with high resolution and FMDPOAE.
  • 100250-US2-T: Diagnostic & Screening TEOAE
  • 100250-US2-SC: Screening OAE only. Choice of either TEOAE OR DPOAE
HARDWAREOrder number
EP-DP OAE probe for TEOAE/DPOAE with red strain relief100028-US
EP-DP OAE probe for TEOAE/DPOAE with blue strain relief100530--US
EP-VIP - visual inspection probe for DPOAE/TEOAE - red strain relief100540--US
LED inside the probe. Contra reflex stimulus function EP-VIP - visual inspection probe for DPOAE/TEOAE - blue strain relief100539--US
LED inside the probe. Contra reflex stimulus function EP-LT OAE probe for Screening OAE - longitudinal probe Axial/straight design for DPOAE/TEOAE - red strain relief101021
EP-TY TYMP probe - dual use for TYMP and OAE100188-US
Headphone DD45 - for usage up to 8kHz100306
Headphone Sennheiser HDA300 - for usage up to 16kHz100630
Headphone DD65 v2, circumaural headphone for usage up to 8kHz101044
Insert Earphones - stereo - for usage up to 8 kHz.100860
Insert earphones - monaural100867
Carrying case with foam inlay100708-D
Free field speaker set (active)100469
Bone conductor B71100344
Bone conductor B81100888
Patient button for Audiometry100171
OAE ear tips and probe tips - starter kit for newborns100902
OAE ear tips and probe tips - starter kit for newborn & adult100261
Tymp ear tips - starter kit with 14 different sizes, 10 each100734
Tymp & OAE ear tips and probe tips - starter kit with 8 different sizes- 79 in total , 9 probe tips, 1 cavity, cleaning tool100587
Able label printer including connector cable100687
Seiko label printer including connector cable100439
TIC - trigger cable for eSRT100849
FIRMWAREOrder number
Tympanometry Screening incl. reflex -- Class 2*100560
1000 Hz tone - Screening Tympanometry100689
ETF tests - Screening Tymanometry100913
Tympanometry Diagnostic Class 1 incl. ETF, reflex, multifrequencies*100561
TEOAE Screening*100109-Quick
TEOAE Diagnostic*100109
DPOAE Screening - license code* incl. FMDPOAE®100110-Quick
DPOAE Diagnostic - license code* incl. FMDPOAE® and DPHiRES100110
DPOAE Threshold estimation - license code*100111
Pure Tone Audiometry - class 4A - license code*100653
Pure Tone Audiometry - class 3 Audiometry*100114
High Frequency Audiometry - license code*100454
MAGIC, play audiometry*100112
Speech tests
*Transducers and accessories like probe, headphone, Tympanometry Add- On, trigger cable etc are not included. See page hardware upgrade. You might consider ear tips in different sizes or starter kits, too.