The SENTIERO Diagnostic provides diagnostic and screening TEOAE/DPOAE functionality and incorporates rapid binaural multi-frequency OAE, including the PATH MEDICAL patented module FMDPOAE® with frequency modulated stimulus and Binaural DPOAE-testing. SENTIERO diagnostic features ultra-high resolution DPOAEs (up to 30 points per octave) providing fine detail inter-octave information up to 10kHz.

SENTIERO Diagnostic with its colour touch screen is NOAH compatible with long battery life and can store up to 1000 tests. Device firmware is available in English, Spanish, French and many other languages. With MIRA, a patient editing software, you are able to transfer data to your computer via USB and further export functions to other EMR software (optional). Printing the tests results can be performed via label printer, pdf, or using MIRA software. Entertaining child-friendly modes are provided for all OAE modules.

There are 4 set choices for the SENTIERO Diagnostic all with additional upgrade options:

  • 100250-US2: Screening & Diagnostic DPOAE with high resolution and FMDPOAE®
  • 100250-US2-T: Screening & Diagnostic TEOAE
  • 100250-US3: Audiometry Class 3 (air only), Screening and Diagnostic DPOAE and TEOAE with high resolution, FMDPOAE® and DPOAE threshold
  • 100250-US4: Screening & Diagnostic TEOAE and DPOAE with high resolution, FMDPOAE® and DPOAE threshold