The SENTIERO DESKTOP diagnostic unit provides Class 1 Tympanometry, Ipsi/Contra reflexes, ETF, Multi-Frequency testing and the flexibility to add OAE, Pure Tone and Speech audiometry modules. The Multi-Frequency tympanometry, including 3-D graphs, provides a full assessment of middle ear reflectance and conductance. Unique features also include FMDPOAE® pressurized OAEs, and the possibility of obtaining an estimated cochlear audiogram with DPOAE Threshold

The standard SENTIERO DESKTOP Class 1 Tympanometer (part number 100497-ED) Includes Tymp probe, MIRA PC software, headphones, 2 ear tip starter kits, USB cable, manual and charger.

HARDWAREOrder number
EP-DP OAE probe for TEOAE/DPOAE with red strain relief100028-US
EP-DP OAE probe for TEOAE/DPOAE with blue strain relief100530-US
EP-VIP - visual inspection probe for DPOAE/TEOAE - red strain relief LED inside the probe. Contra reflex stimulus function100540-US
EP-VIP - visual inspection probe for DPOAE/TEOAE - blue strain relief LED inside the probe. Contra reflex stimulus function100539-US
EP-LT OAE probe for Screening OAE - longitudinal probe Axial/straight design for DPOAE/TEOAE - red strain relief101021
EP-TY TYMP probe - dual use for TYMP and OAE100188-US
Headphone DD45 - for usage up to 8kHz100306
Headphone Sennheiser HDA300 - for usage up to 16kHz100630
Headphone DD65 v2, circumaural headphone for usage up to 8kHz101044
Insert earphones - stereo - for usage up to 8 kHz.100860
Insert earphones - monaural100867
Carrying case with foam inlay100708-D
Free field speaker set (active)100469
Bone conductor B71100344
Bone conductor B81100888
Patient button for audiometry100171
OAE ear tips and probe tips for PT-S - starter kit for newborns100902
OAE ear tips and probe tips for PT-A & PT-S- starter kit for newborn & adult100261
Tymp ear tips - starter kit with 14 different sizes for PT-A, 10 each100734
Tymp & OAE ear tips and probe tips - starter kit with 8 different sizes- 79 in total , 7 probe tips for PT-A (+2 for test cavity), 1 cavity, cleaning tool100587
Test cavity for Tymp100549
Able label printer including connector cable100687
Seiko label printer including connector cable100439
TIC - trigger cable for eSRT100849
FIRMWAREOrder number
MIRA PC software100116
Tympanometry Screening incl. reflex - Class 2100560
1000 Hz tone - Screening Tympanometry100689
ETF tests - Screening Tymanometry100913
Tympanometry Diagnostic Class 1 - license code incl. ETF, reflex, multifrequencies100561
TEOAE Screening - license code100109-Quick
TEOAE Diagnostic - license code100109
DPOAE Screening - license code incl. FMDPOAE®100110-Quick
DPOAE Diagnostic - license code incl. FMDPOAE® and DPHiRES100110
DPOAE threshold estimation - license code incl. FMDPAOE®100111
Pure Tone Audiometry - class 4A - license code100653
Pure Tone Audiometry - class 3 Audiometry - license code100114
High Frequency Audiometry - license code100454
MAGIC, play audiometry - license code100112
Speech testscontact us for details
*Transducers and accessories like probe, headphone, tympanometry add-on, trigger cable etc are not included. See page hardware upgrade. You might consider ear tips in different sizes or starter kits, too.