The SENTIERO screener is suitable for testing all ages from Newborn and upwards utilizing rapid two frequency simultaneous DPOAE and with the option to add a built-in Pure Tone Screening audiometer. SENTIERO screener is dedicated to perform screening tests with an outstanding test performance based on over 20 years of PATH MEDICAL experience. Suitable for all ages, SENTIERO screener provides reliable results combined with simple and efficient operation.

There are 4 set choices for the SENTIERO screener all with additional upgrade options:

  • 100250-SC-D: Sentiero Handheld - newborn DPOAE screening kit Screening DPOAE
  • 100250-SC-T: Sentiero Handheld - newborn TEOAE screening kit Screening TEOAE
  • 100250-SC-AuD: Sentiero Handheld - DPOAE screening and Audiometry screening kit Screening DPOAE and Screening Audiometry
  • 100250-SC-AuT: Sentiero Handheld - TEOAE screening and Audiometry screening kit Screening TEOAE and Screening Audiometry
DescriptionOrder number
MIRA PC software for Screening100431
DPOAE Screening - license code incl. FMDPOAE®100110-Quick
TEOAE Screening - license code100109-Quick
Pure Tone Audiometry Screening BUNDLE incl. PTA Class 4A license code incl. headphone DD 45PTA ScreenBUNDLE
Patient button for Audiometry100169
MAGIC, play audiometry*100112
MATCH Speech test*100356
Able label printer including connector cable100686
*Additional hardware like headphone is needed. You might consider also a patient response button.