Intraoperative and postoperative measurement of brainstem responses through electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve via implantable neurostimulators

This report by Daniel Polterauer (Technical Manager (Section CI) / Department of Ear, Nose and Throat Medicine, LMU Klinikum, Munich, Germany) shows the application of eABR of the SENTIERO ADVANCED, in clinical practice. To date, 46 patients have been successfully tested and it was usually possible to perform the measurements in a simple doctor's examination room that was not electrically shielded.

SENTIERO: How-To-Manual

Psycho-acoustical and physiological test procedures for the assessment of hearing impairment. Scientific background, methodology, clinical applications.
(Audiometry, MAGIC, MATCH, BASD, … DPOAE, DPThreshold, TEOAE, ABR, eCochG, FMDPOAE, ASSR ….)