Frequently Asked Questions

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There is a known bug in the FTDI USB communication driver version below Please remove the driver as described in the manufacturer's driver uninstallation guide. Then download and install the latest version of Mira from the software download page.

Login into Mira Section system setting → user management on instrument (uncheck). Store settings and transfer the settings to the device via click on Update button.

Download latest version of Mira, which has the latest firmware already included. After that, connect instrument with PC (USB) and press ‘Update’ button. The instrument and the PC shall not be disconnected (see display of instrument). The instrument must have enough energy (full battery) or must be connected to mains. For more information please refer to the Mira online help. See also Sentiero Firmware Update Quick Start Guide

Reset the Admin account by starting the Recovery-Console. This program is installed in the same program folder as Mira. Password: Stargate.

The password is: 1234

Mira contains an online help function. Additional information on how to install can be found in the Mira manual (pdf). Please note that this version is from 2010. The newer information is available in the online help in MIRA. Log into MIRA (see above how to do so) to reach to this point.

The system language just influences the language of the login screen. If you want to change the user-specific user interface language please set the language accordingly in “My Settings”, save the change, and restart the application.

Make sure that "Support RS-232" is selected in the System Configuration tab of Mira.

In rare cases there may be problems with USB3.0 connection. If possible use a USB2.0 port and retry to connect to the device.

Mira requires a certain operating systems, e.g. for Mira 2.4: Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11. Please look up the most recent information at the software download page.

If this happens there can be multiple reasons. Please check the following:
- Compare the size and SHA-1 Checksum of the Mira setup file with the values given at the website. If differing, please reload the file from the website.
- Some virus protection or security software may interfere with the program even if they are deactivated. If you are using Avira, McAfee or Norton please try uninstalling for a test. Any other brand might also interfere.

- In Windows Explorer View Settings enable the view of hidden items
- Navigate to "C:\ProgramData" and look for hidden folders which are named like "{A193EEBA-90F2-4921-9FE8-5464100FB332}"
- Locate all folders where a file "Mira.exe" is in one of the subfolders (you may use programs like Mythicsoft's Agent Ransack)
- Delete all folders named like "{A193EEBA-90F2-4921-9FE8-5464100FB332}" from "C:\ProgramData" where there is a "Mira.exe" in a subfolder (e.g. "C:\ProgramData\{A193EEBA-90F2-4921-9FE8-5464100FB332}\OFFLINE\25791C92\F6447A7A")
- Restart the setup

Windows Update sometimes renders the Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 unusable. Please do the following steps:
- Navigate in windows to Programs & Features or App & Features
- Uninstall "Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 ENU" (appears twice with slightly changed naming at 64bit Windows)
- Repeat MIRA installation

This needs to be done before data is loaded to the database of the new computer. The Mira database is located at: "C:\ProgramData\PATH medical\Mira" for default installations. It is called "Mira.sdf" (or shown as "Mira" and file type "SQLServerCE_File", depending on the computer settings). At both computers do a backup of the file. Then copy the file from the old computer to the new computer.

With the Windows Explorer go to the folder that is shown after Data Source=. If ProgramData is not shown please set the checkmark at Hidden items in the View menu. Right click to Mira.sdf or Mira (depending on view settings) and open the Security tab. Click Edit and change the settings for Users to grant Full Access permisions. Confirm with OK.

Senti / Sentiero

Please refer to the manual, chapter 3.5.4.

Please use only the big ear tips together with the big probe tip during measuremnts and the small ear tips together with the small probe tip. Wrong combination of ear tip and probe tip will deteriorate your results. See also the advice in the accessory box. If in doubt, please perform a probe test as described in the manual, chapter 3.5.4 or contact your distributor.

The display is deactivated after 2 minutes (power safe mode). Please touch the display to restart it. After 5 minutest without activity, the instrument powers down completely. Please press the ‘on-switch’ to restart.

Please restart the device by pressing the reset switch (see fig 3 in the manual). Please charge the battery if necessary. If the error is still present, please contact your distributor.

Please check if there is any dirt/small particle between your display and your housing. Remove the dirt/small particle with a piece of thin paper.

Please check if you can slide the screen left/right to switch between the “most recently used” list and the full list. You may configure the startup default in the settings/preferences dialog.

In order to prevent unintentional changes of the factory defaults / country specific defaults in the U.S.A., the devices’ settings are locked with a password. This password should be told to the supervisor only by the sales representative during the introduction. However sometimes this information is not provided. The password is: MOZART. Please contact your supervisor or sales representative if you need further information.

To do BC audiometry the following prerequisites need to be met:
- The “Audio Class 3” licenses is present (see “Activated Modules at Device Settings -> About Device -> Licenses Management)
- BC connected at appropriate port: Grey for devices with SN 290000 and below, Red all other devices
- Protocol “Expert” selected in the Audio module preset. You may reset the device to factory defaults after applying the license code enabling “Audio Class 3” and use the “Threshold” preset.

When pressing "Details" the device will tell why it complains. If it is because a transducer with passed calibration was connected you may simply delete the list by pressing the "x" button.

Please run a pump unit test. Details of this process are outlined in chapter 3.2.8, section "Practical Use" of the PATH How-To-Manual which can be downloaded from this link.


As soon as we receive the written order, we will confirm it and provide a shipment date. Based on the terms of payment, on account payment might be necessary before shipment will be done.

Yes. Using payment by VISA or MASTER Card is possible. For legal reasons we need to have a scanned document showing your signature and all the details (reference to offer/invoice, credit card number, name as on credit card, valid until, 3digit code, amount and currency, date, signature). There will be a 4% banking fee which must be added to the invoiced amount and shown on the document. If you need a template, please contact our sales team.